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A third of all the food that South Africa produces ends up in the dump. This in a country where every single night, millions go to bed hungry. The energy we waste every year producing food we never eat could light up Johannesburg for sixteen weeks. The equivalent of six hundred thousand Olympic swimming pools is wasted producing this food. Ninety five percent of this food is wasted before it even reaches the dinner table. This level of wastage will dampen South Africa’s prospects of meeting its global commitment to halve food waste by 2030. We urgently need to qualify and quantify the problem, so we can understand and manage it more sustainably. 


TEDxJohannesburgSalon: Food Waste – The Deep Dive, is an open dialogue on food waste in South Africa. The event brings together the role players in the food sector, and empowers anyone who wants to re-align towards better outcomes, the course that much of our food takes along the value chain.


With this event, TEDxJohannesburg, supported by the Embassy of Finland in South Africa, hopes to shine a light on global best practice in the management of food waste, enable knowledge transfer, and take meaningful steps towards ensuring a food secure future for South Africa.



Confirmed speakers include the following: 


• Andy du Plessis (SA) | CEO of Food Forward South Africa, leads efforts to alleviate hunger in vulnerable communities throughout South Africa.

• Sauli Böhm (FIN) | CEO of ResQ Club, an app that allows consumers to rescue surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, from quality restaurants.

• Anna Vainikainen (FIN) | Chief policy adviser on sustainability and environment for the federation of Finnish food and drink industries.

• Filipa Domingues (SA) | Succulent plants collector.

• Ntsikwane (SA) | Singer-songwriter, guitarist.

• Chad Frischmann (USA) | Author, vice president of Project Drawdown, works to reverse global warming and help build a new, regenerative future.


Expect one or two more surprises in the time leading up to the big day.

The Deep Dive